This unusual cactus has a smooth green skin and extensively branched stems. It is also known as a ric rac or zig zag cactus. They are pretty fast growers once they are in teh right conditions. They make a fabulous addition to a plant shelfie or great as a stand along plant in your bathroom!


They come with a macrame style hanging string that allows you to hang it or it can sit on a surface as it has a slightly flat bottom. They look stunning in a bathroom or corner of a lounge or kitchen. We also have these in other plant varieties  – see out other plant listings. The coconut matting shells are made in Sri Lanka and are fair trade.

These have an internal sealed pot which allows you to water them without fear of leaking!


Approx dimensions:
13cm across, Hanging length 45cm (in total)

Fishbone Cactus Kokedama (Epiphyllum anguliger)

  • Fishbone cactus thrives in indirect light but can tolerate periods of bright sun. Like most cacti, fishbone cactus does best when allowed to dry out between watering. It is an epiphite -so naturally is found growing on trees and other plants. It loves a good mist. 

    you can fertilise with a water-soluble cactus or orchid fertiliser once in a while. A bathroom setting is great for these.