These are the darlings of social media at the moment and are incredibly difficult to get hold of, especially this size. 


The Telegraph has recently featured the trend in variegated plants and these plants do not disappoint.


Due to the price of these plants we have taken the decision to show you the exact plants that are available and the images are lettered. There is a slight variation in price due to the size of the plants and the extent of the variegation and their condition.


The plants are as they came to us, we haven't removed any damaged leaves or taken cuttings! To supplement the images, here are a few honest comments on each plant (we only claim these to be indicative, not comprehensive):


Plant A - Good foliage, mixed variegation, not the biggest of leaves and there are a couple of damaged leaves at the bottom


Plant B - Lovely shape, few less leaves, excellent variegation, damaged leaf at the bottom


Plant C - Good shape, lovely leaves, most of the variegation is at the bottom of the plant


Plant D - Absolutely gorgeous large leaves, latest growth at the top of the plant has little / no variegation


Plant E - Several new leaves, fair variegation across the plant


Plant F - Heavily variegated especially at the bottom of the plant, less leaves on the plant and 2 leaves are damaged at the bottom



The plants are approximately 110-120cm tall, supported by a cane and come in a 27cm pot.


They will be sent using a courier usually within 2 days of the order being placed, this may be variable at the current time. They will not be dispatched on a Friday.


Please provide your telephone number for text updates on delivery.


Alternatively they can be picked up from Laughton, BN8.

Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera albo-variegata)

  • Monsteras are an easy plant to care for needing a lightly moist soil but don’t leave them to sit in water or put them in direct sunlight!
    It thrives in the sun or half shade. You can leave it to trail on its own or stake for upward growth.


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