Our very last variegated monstera, possibly ever due to the growers driving the price to unviable levels.
The plants are as they came to us, we haven't removed any damaged leaves or taken cuttings! 
This plant is approx 95cm tall and comes in a 27cm pot.
As you can see it has good variegation and the new leaves are heavily variegated (see pic for another new mainly white leaf about to unfold).
There are a couple of damaged leaves at the bottom but nothing that detracts from this significant plant.
Please provide your telephone number for text updates on delivery.
Alternatively they can be picked up from Laughton, BN8.

Variegated Monstera Albo

  • Monsteras are an easy plant to care for needing a lightly moist soil but don’t leave them to sit in water or put them in direct sunlight!
    It thrives in the sun or half shade. You can leave it to trail on its own or stake for upward growth.