These statuesque Houseplants are a real talking point. Each one of these is a good few years old and looks fabulous in a vintage pot or equally good in something sleek and white.


The base of the Ponytail Palm is a very thick swollen stem that has a woody appearance. This is actually a water storage organ, which is capable of supporting the plant in times of drought. Ponytail palms require dry soil, it is best to allow them get root bound before repotting and when you do , use a pot that is only an inch or two wider than the previous pot.


The standard size measures approx 30-35cm tall (from bottom of the pot) x 12cm wide and comes in a plastic pot


The mini size measures approx 15-18cm tall (from bottom of the pot) x 6cm wide and comes in an eco-friendly coconut matt pot.


White pot NOT included with either size.

Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata)

  • Beaucarnea or Ponytail Palm grows slowly and although the plant will do OK in a slightly shady spot, it does prefer bright light . If you can provide some sun you will see the plant converting this into lush new leaves.  Only water when soil is completely dry.