Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides)


The “it” plant of the moment!

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These house plants are the darlings of social media at the moment and are often difficult to find. We’ve managed to get our hands on some beautiful examples and have them on sale right now!

So these plants like bright but not direct sunlight. If kept in a more shady spot the leaves will get a little darker. They like to be kept moist (with a small amount of drying out in between waterings) so suit a bathroom setting.

We do our best to wrap these plants  but please note that the leaves on this particular plant are more delicate than most and some may come loose in transit.


Baby: 8cm pot with height approx 12cm (from bottom of pot)

Medium: 12cm pot with height approx 20cm (from bottom of pot)

Large; 17cm pot with height approx 40cm (from bottom of pot)


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