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This jungle plant is one of the most varied when it comes to foliage colouring. From greens to pinks to yellows and beyond, they often have contrasting undersides to the leaves (the deep purple is a real wow!).Many varieties look as if they have been hand painted. 

Being from the rainforest these plants should be placed on pebbles with water in the outer pot to maintain humidity. They can grow up to 1m depending on the variety. Grouping a number of calatheas together not only looks amazing but creates an ideal environment for them.

Growing Conditions:

Light: Bright to moderate, avoiding direct sun.

Temperature and humidity: Warm, avoiding fluctuation. High humidity.

Feeding: Fortnightly, using foliage houseplant fertiliser. Monthly in winter.

Watering: Keep moist. Water when dry if cool.

Propagation: Division.

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