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Looking for a special gift to show your appreciation to employees and clients 

Office Plants

From a single office to open plan layouts we can provide a wide range of suitable plants to enhance the working environment. Improve working life and productivity with internal greenery.


Birthday Wishes

Provide us dates of your employees birthdays and we will ensure they are congratulated with a thoughtful gift. What could be better than a plant and planter combo to show appreciation of your key assets. Delivery can be arranged to their home address or place of work.


Corporate Gifts

Recognise special clients with a meaningful gift. We can provide hand written or printed messages to support your brand and mission. 


Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels

Plants can transform an interior. Get in touch to find out how we can advise and provide stunning greenery to compliment any venue.


Team Building Terrariums

Taking time out is important. Allow your staff to clear their minds and immerse themselves in their own little world of nature. We can come to your premises or arrange a work free venue to demonstrate and provide all the equipement needed for each employee to build and keep their own terrarium. 


Seasonal Gifts

Gifting for staff at those special times of year. We can meet any budget. Beautiful plants, planters and accessories make a wonderful bundle.


Home Office Kits

Want to kit out your home office or provide your staff with a home office bundle of plants. We can provide advice and plants which will stimulate and inspire. Surprise your home workers with one of our bundles.


Like what you see? Please get in touch and we will get back to you.

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