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Giving Back to the Planet

Our business revolves around the plants that Mother Nature gives us. We are grateful for every beautiful leaf and each and every root that brings them to life. That's why we love to share them with you.

As with the majority of businesses we are aware of our carbon footprint and making sure that we only take what we need and give back what we can. We do this in a number of ways.

Our Packaging

We use recyclable packaging. From our boxes to our paper cushioning to the tissue the plants come wrapped can all be recycled. We only buy FSC approved and where possible recycled products. 


What better way to recycle than to reuse a product already fit for purpose! If a delivery comes to us and we can reuse the box or packing materials we will. If you see a 'we love plants...' sticker on your box you have helped to not only cut down on manufacturing emissions and materials but also helped to plant a tree! We are working with Ecologi to raise awareness of climate issues and plant more trees. 


Plants need water. When we can (and thanks to the British weather this is quite frequently!) we use rainwater to water our plants. We are lucky enough to be situated right next to a lake which means any excess water can go straight back into the ecosystem.

Our Premises

We use renewable energy suppliers and have also invested in eco friendly materials to create our plant room. The Hemp insulation we have used not only saves energy loss (and keeps our plants nice and warm) but also has minimal impact in terms of production and the use of inorganic materials. We only buy second hand furniture/storage and from charities whenever possible. We also recycle anything we can't reuse.

What next...

These are only small steps but we figure every step helps and will continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible.

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