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It is obvious to see why the Croton is such a popular houseplant. Vivid foliage and varied leaf shapes make each one individual. These plants have stiff leaves with deep, often contrasting veins and grow from a central stem. These plants prefer a constant temperature so be sure to keep them out of draughts and keep the humidity high. 

It is important not to let the Croton dry out during the growing season and regular feeding will ensure healthy growth. Feeding is not required during the winter.

Crotons naturally drop their lower leaves with age but will retain them for longer in a high humidity environment.

Growing Conditions:

Light: Bright, with some sun.

Temperature and humidity: Warm, avoiding draughts and fluctuation. Moderate to high humidity.

Feeding: Fortnightly, using foliage houseplant fertiliser. Occasionally in winter.

Watering: Keep moist. In winter, water when compost surface dry.

Propagation: Tip cuttings.

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