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Looking to bring a little extra luck into your home or pass on the good luck to someone else? How about a Lucky Bamboo stick or two or three or....! We can't guarantee the luck but here is what legend says:


1 for good fortune

2 for love

3 for three kinds of luck

4 for strength

5 for fortune or wealth

6 for prosperity

7 for good health

8 for growth

9 for great luck

10 for completeness or perfection


And 21 brings powerful blessings of joy, wealth, success, fortune and good relationships!


Each 30cm (approx) stick comes with its own mini water holder and brightly coloured plastic cover but they can be transferred to another pot either singularly or together. They can remain water rooted or placed into soil.

Dracaena Sanderiana - Curly Lucky Bamboo with cover