Gorgeous trailing houseplant with green and cream camo effect leaves.


The Scindapsus has many qualities, as well as its attractiveness, it is easy to maintain and features on NASA's list of air purifying plants. The plant produces oxygen, improves air humidity, neutralises harmful gases and in doing so cleanses the air. This is an ideal plant for any home or office.


This plant is fairly neutral when it comes to light, not to dark and not very bright light. If the leaves start to turn brown try a lighter spot. 


In winter these plants essentially hibernate and only needs a little water once every 10 to 14 days. In the summer keep the soil slightly moist, it is better to under-water this plant than over-water. If the leaves wilt slightly you'll know it needs a little more water.


Available in 6cm (good starter plants) and 12cm pots (pictured)

Scindapsus Njoy, Epipremnum, Devils Ivy