A Gorgeous Evergreen Houseplant that looks stunning in any interior set up. These Asparagus Ferns are great in any setting. They have a beautiful airy, layed look and do not require too much maintenance. Houseplants soften the look of any interiors and these little beauties will thrive in most conditions. (Ceramic pot is not included with this item) Water sparingly. Do not keep in direct Sunlight


Currently available in 2 sizes:


Medium: 33cm tall (from bottom of the pot) x 12cm wide pot

Small: 16cm tall (from bottom of the pot) x 6cm wide pot

Asparagus Fern also known as Plumosa Fern Houseplant

  • A great “fresh air” plant (known to absorb benzene, octane, toluene and alpha-pinene from the air)


    Mist occasionally. Don't allow to become dry for long periods. They thrive if kept moist (not wet) most of the time.