These stylish stoneware indoor planters feature an understated speckled glaze, in soft coastal shades of blue, green and cream.


They work well on their own or as a collection.


Each has a contrasting unglazed brown band making a faux base.


Dimensions (approx): Height: 7.5cm, External width: 8cm - fits 7cm plant pot.


Available in a medium green version
Dimensions (approx): Height : 11cm, External width: 12cm - fits 10.5cm plant pot.


Available in a large blue version
Dimensions (approx): Height : 13cm, External width: 14cm - fits 12cm plant pot.


Availbale in Extra Large Blue:
Dimensions (approx): Height : 15cm, External width: 17cm - fits 15cm plant pot.


These are indoor planters so they have no drainage holes.

We recommend you keep your plant in a plastic pot with drainage holes or a Cocoz pot and place that in this decorative planter.

Coastal Blue, Green & Cream Glazed Stoneware Planter