I want you to love owning plants just as much as I do.
I've created this blog to help you bring plants into your home, help you care for them and share a little bit of plant love from our travels.

My Favourite Plant

I had a random conversation the other day about the provenance of a plant that has popped up in my mother’s house, my sister’s breakfast room, various friends and even Instagram friend’s houses. It is a glorious plant, both in terms of beauty but also the ease in which it roots from a cutting and grows as happy as can be in most settings. Mention the name “Begonia” and you could be forgiven for conjuring up the 70s/ 80s tendencies of planting them in neat rows along pristine cut front lawns and gaudy garden ornaments for the ultimate in middle England garden suburbia. Alternatively you could be in the ultimate plant club du jour and own a begonia maculata and know that they are massively on

Plants for Smaller Spaces

If you’re super keen for some greenery but really struggling to see how it can fit in to a tiny space then this is for you. I personally don’t think anyone needs to go without greenery so here are a few ideas about having just a touch of it. Hanging Planters I am a massive fan of hanging planters and plants, not just for their eye height aesthetic.  You only need a ceiling hook and you’ve done away with the need for precious work top space. They allow plants to grow downwards and flourish and there is such a huge array of Macramé hangers available now – you’re really spoilt for choice. I love the gorgeous work of Sarah at  @Myoffthewallinterior – you can buy her work here. You can pretty muc

Plants for Bathrooms

Why is this even a blog post? Surely you can put any plant in a bathroom? This is a question I get asked a lot...."What plants are suitable for my bathroom"? Well, assuming that you are showering/bathing on a regular basis then the moisture levels in the air are going to be much higher than they would be in any other room in the house. This leads to an environment that suits some plants more than others. Plants have evolved over millions of years to adapt to their surroundings; not just surviving but thriving in those environments. One of the things that you will notice in plants that like high humidity have features like large, glossy, lush green leaves. Think Birds Nest Ferns, Boston Fern

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