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“Be a cactus in a world of roses” 🌵 Guest blog 🌵

We're really excited to share our first guest blog post with you this evening! We asked our Instagram followers to write about their favourite houseplant. What makes it stand out from the rest of your plant gang?

This week we're sharing Natasha's best-loved plant from her beautiful boho and botanical home.


“Be a cactus in a world of roses” 🌵🌹 - that’s a quote that’s stayed with me for years....

botanical home

I’m often asked where my LOVE of the cactus arose from & if I’m honest, I can’t actually pin point the time, all I know is that they are such a big part of my life & endure a smile wherever our paths may cross. I have a home jungle BURSTING with the spikey green guys & it’s true what they say... plants really DO make the soul happy🌵

boho botanical home

Cacti make my plant love heart happy. I find them captivating, interesting, fearless & fascinating. I guess they have all of the qualities that I hope to have as a person. They don’t follow the rules, they grow as they wish & have a strong outer appearance, but deep down... they just want to be loved & thrive in a happy environment.

What’s not inspiring about them? ✨

botanical interiors

My love of botanically bohemian interiors has enabled me to spend most of my time submerged in my own jungle home & a place that I truly call my patch of plant paradise. As a social media Influencer, I work with beautiful interiors bursting with greenery & interesting treasures which I Style & shoot.

I incorporate my Cacti love in my images as they help to bring my picture to life with their captivating & enchanting silhouettes✨

cactus plants in home

I find their textures, colours & shapes MESMERISING - sometimes their juicy green skins look almost good enough to eat! Delicious vibrancy & muted greens combined together are an absolute TREAT for the eye & they conjure up immense amounts of depth to my images✨

cactus in greenhouse

Moral of my story? Grow as you please, revel in your uniqueness & stand out from the crowd - live strong like the cactus 🌵




A huge thank you to Natasha for sharing an insight into her love of cacti and letting us share these gorgeous pictures of her home! Inspired to introduce more plants into your home? Have a little look on our online shop:

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