I want you to love owning plants just as much as I do.
I've created this blog to help you bring plants into your home, help you care for them and share a little bit of plant love from our travels.

How to Grow Your Plant Gang on a Budget

So you’d like a house full of beautiful plants but don’t have a huge budget to make it happen. What can you do? There are lots of ways of greenifying your space without spending a ton of money so here are a few ways of achieving it! Cuttings First port of call is friends and family. Does anyone have any Spider Plants or Pileas that have babies that are ready for a new home? You can put these babies straight into a glass of water to get some roots before planting into a little pot for nurturing. This also goes for anything that you can take cuttings of – there are various YouTube videos and blogs about how to take a successful cutting of a plant and how to root it ready for planting so I won

When Life Gives You Lemons... - 🍋 Guest Blog 🍋

...grow a plant! We asked you to share your favourite houseplant and as the final guest blog in this series, Emma has shared her love for the beautiful Lemon Tree. Read on to find out why your life is lacking this beautiful plant. Self admittedly, I am no indoor plant expert – but I am learning. Growing up in the country I have always been used to being surrounded by lots of greenery and so now living in the city all of my lovely lush green plants bring comfort and make my city flat feel a little more like home. I have many attractive plants which all have a splendour of there own from my glossy fiddle leaf fig and Swiss cheese plant, my blue mother in laws tongue to pretty little string o

Esmeralda the Cheese Plant and Kenny the Palm 🌿 Guest Blog 🌿

How could you make owning a houseplant even more enjoyable? Give it a name like Esmeralda! After reading this guest blog post from Karen, we immediately fell in love with the idea of naming our little green leafed friends. Read on to learn all about Esmeralda and Kenny, Karen's favourite plants... Like many plant lovers, my cliche favourite is a Monstera - a cheese plant. Their sheer size and beautiful shape just demand attention. It's actually a big favourite of my family's too, my aunt has a giant monstera in her living room which is at least 7ft (she's a beauty) but my first knowledge of the monstera was from my mum, she had a cheese plant called Esmeralda. She used to talk to her when sh

"Glossy Green Heart-Shaped Foliage" 💚Guest Blog 💚

What would you say is the plant of the year? We asked you to share your favourite plants with us and Emma's shared her biggest plant love which we think is probably no.1 for a lot of plant parents! Read on to find out why the Monstera Deliciosa should be your favourite plant too... I own a small but ever-growing collection of houseplants but the plant I keep coming back to is the Monstera Deliciosa (sometimes knows as the Swiss Cheese Plant). It was the first plant I ever purchased, from Plantology in Sheffield and I was hooked as soon as I clapped eyes on its glossy green heart-shaped foliage! At the time, my Monstera was just a baby and I have recently just watched my first split-leaf unfu

“Be a cactus in a world of roses” 🌵 Guest blog 🌵

We're really excited to share our first guest blog post with you this evening! We asked our Instagram followers to write about their favourite houseplant. What makes it stand out from the rest of your plant gang? This week we're sharing Natasha's best-loved plant from her beautiful boho and botanical home. “Be a cactus in a world of roses” 🌵🌹 - that’s a quote that’s stayed with me for years.... I’m often asked where my LOVE of the cactus arose from & if I’m honest, I can’t actually pin point the time, all I know is that they are such a big part of my life & endure a smile wherever our paths may cross. I have a home jungle BURSTING with the spikey green guys & it’s true what they say... pla

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