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Paris Plant Shop Tour

Plant Shops in Paris

Recently I was lucky enough to get to Paris for a couple of days and one of the things that was on my list was having a good nosey around all the plant shops and cafes. You may not immediately think of Paris as a go to for botanical beauty but read anything from urban jungle bloggers or see the instagram of @joelixjoelix and you’ll see that there are some fab plant places.

Wild and The Moon

Wild and The Moon Plant Cafe
Wild and The Moon

Wild and The Moon Cafe

So first stop was @wildandthemoon cafe. This was located on a little side street and initially looked like a slightly wild greenhouse. On closer inspection it became clear that it was an uber hip (is the word uber still cool?!) hang out for both locals and ex pats with the best hanging plant collection. There was a guy standing in front of me that looked like he had just walked off the set of The Lost Boys – I felt a little out of my depth being in there (I mean clearly I’m just not that cool!) but the staff were lovely (spoke English) and we sat down with our blueberry lavender latte and chaga hot chocolate and admired all the little plants on the tables and the beauties that hung above us. The menus were vegan and fresh and it was a very popular. I’d recommend a visit if you are in town.

Les Succulentes Cactus
Cactus Shop Paris

Paris Plant Shop

Les Succulents Cactus

Just down the road was ”Les Succulents Cactus”. A shop dedicated to cactus and succulents. Anne Floux, the owner was lovely enough to have a chat with me. She had been there for 14 years and even on a rainy random Thursday afternoon she had a constant flow of customers. All the plants are grown on the Riviera and many of them, surprisingly can live outside as long as no frost! All the plants were potted in terracotta which makes for a fabulous sight when you enter the shop. They were hand potted and she had trays of cactus ready to be planted up that you could choose to take home. Of course I couldn’t not buy one (and I had to get my sister one too...) and after frantic phone checking on Eurostar plant policy - I did just that!

Le Cactus Club

Next on the tour was @lecactusclub. This gorgeous shop is a planter and plant enthusiasts dream; located on a relatively industrial looking street. They had a fab selection of colourful planters as well as lovely, healthy plants. Yes, I was seduced and yes I purchased! The plant was beautifully wrapped and came with a little care card. Le cactus club have various events and workshops. If only we lived nearer!

The Green Factory

The Green Factory

The Green Factory was our next stop which specialises in terrariums. The humidity hits you as soon as you walk in the door and somehow with the manga type superhero touches and the tall counter at the back it feels like a weird, plant infested Chinese takeaway. Allbeit a takeaway where I would happily order everything on the menu! They have kept their own older terrariums and you can see how one will look in 2 years time! They also have a sister shop just a stones throw away up the hill which was an Aladdin’s cave of Kokedamas, hanging Vanda orchids and foliage to die for. Clearly a busy shop with lots going on which shows the continuing houseplant revolution.

Our final stop was for Aperol Spritzers in a bar around the corner from the last shop. Taking in our plant purchases, processing the new ideas and winding down from the epic walking which we’d done all day! If you’re in Paris and have some decent shoes on for walking then this little tour will fill an afternoon with greenery and inspiration.

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