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Styling Your Jungle With Botanics 🌱 Guest Blog 🌱

This week we're bringing you some top tips for styling your houseplants from Natasha Sidhu. She recently was awarded the "Best Eye for Interiors" in the UK Interior Awards 2018 and we can definitely see why. Her home is a houseplant dream and we've definitely been inspired by some of her tips.

Enjoy! x


Welcome plant lovers! For those that follow me and my plant filled paradise... you’ll know that I’m fully submerged into the jungle life. No corner is without a cactus (or ten) and any available ledge will be layered in leaves and delicious greens🌿

Plants play a huge part in my everyday life and ever since I become a proud plant mama, I can honestly say they have brought so much jungle-esque joy into my life🌵


One thing that I’m most passionate about is styling and evolving my jungle visually and creating a unique style, with an eclectic botanical injection.

Styling plants has become an art form for me and one of the most therapeutic ways to get creative, whilst creating a something beautiful with botanics. Working with nature and interiors combined is SUCH a dream - with your greenery always growing and flourishing, no two days will ever be the same and your props are forever changing!

Read on to discover some of my most loved styling tips for creating a delicious jungle of your own✨

1. Vertical Gardens🌱

When in doubt - build up! I am known for wacking few holes in our ceiling (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) and hanging half a forest from it. I can honestly say that some of the best botanical builds I’ve ever created, have been vertical.

Hanging houseplants

Sometimes I think people tend to focus on areas of eye level. Don’t get my wrong, shelves and tables draped in greenery will always please the eye... but how much more of an impact would it make to take your indoor garden higher than high!

Vertical planter

This styling tip is always a hit with my followers who perhaps have limited space in their living environment. The height means that ground space is not compromised and I always feel your ceiling is given an extra inch or three which makes the space visually seem expanded.

I’ve always used recycled materials to create my base. Both of these vertical gardens I’ve created above have in fact been started with a branch from the tree in my garden.

Essential info before you hunt me down because your ceiling has fallen down around you ... ALWAYS check that the ceiling foundation and hooks used are suitable for your situation. I always opt for the question mark shaped hooks that require a little hammered hole and some twisting to perfect it’s place.

Once you have your structure - the fun can begin! With so many gorgeous hanging houseplants available, you can experiment with varieties, lengths, colours, tonnes & textures to really conjure a jaw dropping jungle🌿

Experiment with additional finishing touches for an extra fabulous flare like feathers, macrame hangings, fairy lights and dream catchers.

Get ready to hang your head back to the high heavens in awe, every time you enter your newly jungle-fied room 🌿

2. Styling Your Plant Storage🌱

As a lover of flea markets, I’m forever hunting down pre loved bargain treasures that I feel will position my plant pals perfectly. With so many pretty planters available these days, I like to incorporate them with some antique or vintage finds that can add a little more sass to my styling.

House Plant storage

These drool worthy antique g-plan dresser has literally become one of my fave features to style with plants. I can’t tell you how many compliments it receives and all for a fraction of its ‘would be’ high street price!

When I find an item I love, I’m always looking for unique and interesting ways to inject some green goodness into it.

Think a little outside of the box, experiment, adjust and alter, until you find that fabulous finish that fills your face with a smile.

House plant decor

Finding soul-warming plant storage doesn’t have to break the bank. This Industrial rustic tiered trolley, which I always feel looks like it’s come from an upmarket antique salvage restorer... is in fact an old vegetable trolley that I found one day walking home from a night at with a sign on it saying “Take Me”. Now.. I can assure wheeling this home at 3-am with a few gins in my belly and a unconvinced eye rolling boyfriend was not the highlight of my life, but dressing it next day against our brick wall with all my terracottas stacked happily inside, really bloody was.

House plant styling

For something that literally cost me not a single penny, it has become one of my most recognised features and is even about to be published in a book! In my mind I knew the exposed metal and rusted paint would entwine in astonishing ways with the textures of the greens and the imperfectly perfect patina of the pots.

3. Faking It With Fun🌱

If you’re a lover of all things green, but perhaps arent as gifted with the green fingers... add some bursts or botanics in a non-maintenance required kinda way!

Botanical wallpaper

They say green is the colour of motivation, but if you’re wanting to reverse away from the real thing, how about trying some jungle inspired wall paper or wall art instead?

With some many BEAUTIFUL options on the market, you can join the green gang in no time and best of all, no water required!

Cactus interior inspiration

I have endless fun forever revamping our jungle and jiggling things around to make it perfected paradise, the great thing about styling with plants is that nothing is set in stone (well, unless you’ve got a VERY heavy concrete planter)... you can constantly change and conjure up a dreamy space that transports you into your very own houseplant heaven✨

I’d love for you to join my jungle and enter my own little slice of houseplant heaven at @la_sidhu 🌱

Natasha Sidhu


A huge thank you to Natasha for sharing these houseplant styling tips with us. I'm sure you agree her home is total houseplant heaven!

If you now feel you need to grow your houseplant collection and get a jungle-vibe like Natasha, have a look at our shop.


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