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How to Repot your Houseplants 🌱

I've been asked to show some tips on repotting houseplants; when to do it and how to do it.

So, when is the best time to do it? It doesn't really matter what time of year it is but I would say it is probably not best to do it the week before you go on holiday! (You'll need to allow the plant some time to grow into the new pot (and extra watering may be required) at the beginning).

Look for the Signs

The most obvious sign that the plant needs repotting is to look for the following signs; is the plant literally busting from the pot? I.e. the plastic pot in bend out of shape and starting to crack? Is it too top heavy - I.e. does the whole thing fall over when placed on a work surface on its own? Also - look at the roots - have they grown substantially beyond the bottom of the pot?This is a sure sign that the plant needs to be repotted.

There are some exception to this - with a few species thriving on being pot-bound but for now we will concentrate on the ones that don't.

Overgrown plant

Find a New Pot

You will need a pot that is not too much larger than the one you are repotting - i.e. if your plant is in 8 or 9cm pot then aim for a maximum new pot size of 12cm. The reason being is that plants can get a little "lost" if the new pot is too big. Also aesthetically it looks better if the new pot is proportional to the plant.

repotting houseplants

Let it Enjoy a Good Soak

Give the plant a good soak in its existing pot and leave for a few minutes. It is far easier to get a grip on the plant and soil and easier for them to settle if they are wet to start with.

Houseplant care tips

Choose your Compost

Have some good quality potting compost at the ready - moisten it slightly if it has been allowed to dry out. Fill the new pot with soil approx half full and create a bit of a "well" so that you an place the plant in and then top up the compost around the sides.

Make sure that you have firmly pressed the plant into the new soil - really get your fingers in so that it is snug. This will help the plant to establish itself.

How to repot houseplants

Repotting your house plant

Tips for looking after houseplants

Transfer your Plant

Give the plant another good water and transfer the pot into a new planter. Keep your eye on it a bit more than you would normally do until it is established in the new pot. You may need to water it from the top to begin with to allow time for the roots to grow down before changing to watering from the bottom. You can take this opportunity to feed the plant if you haven't done so for a while - it will definitely help with the establishment.

Replanting your houseplant

Watering your houseplant

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Happy Houseplant!

Hopefully you found this blog helpful! Please let me know if you did in the comments below or share your repotting pictures on Instagram: tag us @stupid_egg_interiors.

And, if you need any reason to buy another houseplant to add to your collection, have a look at the shop! We are currently making way for some new planters so don't miss the SALE.

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