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Plants for Smaller Spaces

House Plants for small spaces

If you’re super keen for some greenery but really struggling to see how it can fit in to a tiny space then this is for you. I personally don’t think anyone needs to go without greenery so here are a few ideas about having just a touch of it.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters
Hanging planter

I am a massive fan of hanging planters and plants, not just for their eye height aesthetic.  You only need a ceiling hook and you’ve done away with the need for precious work top space. They allow plants to grow downwards and flourish and there is such a huge array of Macramé hangers available now – you’re really spoilt for choice.

I love the gorgeous work of Sarah at  @Myoffthewallinterior – you can buy her work here.

You can pretty much put any plant in a hanger – so this is a chance to get really creative – think outside the box with your plant choice for a hanger and go for a Monstera Obliqua, a coffee plant, or even something gorgeous and fragrant like a mint or scented geranium. There is something lovely about rubbing your hand over fragrant leaves every time you walk past – just be careful not to pull the whole thing down if you do!

Small Plants

Small plants

If hanging planters aren’t your thing then you can look at very small plants, say succulents or cacti  - and have a few dotted around. These suit being in smaller pots and tend to survive longer as their water requirement isn’t crazy and they can be allowed to dry out. If you have miniature plants that require to be kept moist on a regular basis – the small size of the pot dictates that they will dry out a lot faster than larger pots and so become very high maintenance in the process. Something to consider if you’re likely to forget about them. We have a cute set of mixed succulents with baby planters that are great for small spaces here.



Airplants are a really good option if you want to do away with the pots. They can sit just about anywhere that you can think to put them. Think, bookcases, picture frames, bathroom sinks…. Remember to water them at least once a fortnight (leave them to soak in a sink of tepid water for 20 mins and then allow them to drain upside down before returning them to their spot) or give them a good misting.

Trailing Plants

String of hearts

If you have any high shelving, bookcases, space on top of the fridge or kitchen cupboards then you could consider a trailing plant such as a string of hearts (Ceropegia Woodii) These are a semi succulent and thrive on neglect – so can be left to their own devices most of the time. If you do put them somewhere high their delicate little stems will grow downwards and create a curtain of heart shaped leaves. Little tip – if they are in a hard to reach space than pop a couple of ice cubes in the top of their pot to avoid you watering the top of the fridge/ bookcase!. Spider plants and Mistletoe cactus are also great for this sort of set up.

Slow Growers

ponytail palm

Lastly – if you have the room for just one plant – then consider choosing something that is slow growing. It is a good investment for a smaller space as you won’t have to rehome it or cut it back if it grows too big for the space. A good slow grower is a Ponytail palm.

Want to shop the whole range? Have a look at our website: www.stupidegg.

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