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How to Grow Your Plant Gang on a Budget

So you’d like a house full of beautiful plants but don’t have a huge budget to make it happen. What can you do?

There are lots of ways of greenifying your space without spending a ton of money so here are a few ways of achieving it!


First port of call is friends and family. Does anyone have any Spider Plants or Pileas that have babies that are ready for a new home? You can put these babies straight into a glass of water to get some roots before planting into a little pot for nurturing. This also goes for anything that you can take cuttings of – there are various YouTube videos and blogs about how to take a successful cutting of a plant and how to root it ready for planting so I won’t go into too much detail about that. This is a free way of getting new plants but ultimately you will have to grow them from small babies and sometimes you just don’t want to wait!

Second Hand

Second option is to visit Ebay – Ebay has a wealth of people who have rooted their own cuttings and have grown the plants themselves and will post out to you. You will also see listings for house plants that have ended up growing too big for their owners and although unlikely to be sent in the post can be good value if you can get to pick one up in the car. Freecyle and Gumtree are also good places to keep your eyes open for large plants. There is now a website where you can trade cuttings with other like minded plant lovers. I haven't personally tried it but it looks to be a good source of some interesting plants.

Garden Plants

If you’re looking for instant impact with a large plant but can’t afford the price tag of some of the really popular plants that are in vogue then think a little differently – you can get some great Mediterranean plants that you would usually associate with the garden in the summer like lavender, Rosemary, Fig Trees. These can very easily be kept indoors and the figs can be very large and sculptural - very much to rival the sister Fiddle Leaf Fig. There is absolutely no reason why not to have one of these as a houseplant if you like them! For the price and size of some of these – you can get a lot more plant for your money than a large house plant.

Florists and Markets

If you are lucky enough to live near a flower market such as Columbia Road I know that there are plenty of bargains, especially at the end of the day. A mantra I swear by is “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” so if you are in a flower/plant shop – don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything that they have that they want to make a sale on. It may be a plant with a damaged leaf or one that has grown a bit too tall or might be that they have too many of something and just need some space. That goes for us too! Feel free to drop us a message on the odd occasion!

If you can't hold out to grow a plant from a cutting or visit the market, have a look at our range of plant and see if anything tempts you 😉


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