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Esmeralda the Cheese Plant and Kenny the Palm 🌿 Guest Blog 🌿

How could you make owning a houseplant even more enjoyable? Give it a name like Esmeralda! After reading this guest blog post from Karen, we immediately fell in love with the idea of naming our little green leafed friends.

Read on to learn all about Esmeralda and Kenny, Karen's favourite plants...


Like many plant lovers, my cliche favourite is a Monstera - a cheese plant. Their sheer size and beautiful shape just demand attention. It's actually a big favourite of my family's too, my aunt has a giant monstera in her living room which is at least 7ft (she's a beauty) but my first knowledge of the monstera was from my mum, she had a cheese plant called Esmeralda. She used to talk to her when she was getting ready for a night out! - now I don't know about you but isn't that just the most fantastic name for a Monstera? It just reeks 70s glamour!

Kentia Palm

So that's my dream plant but my little favourite doesn't make a big statement, its small in size and could easily be hidden amongst the toys it sometimes has to reside with (mum life).

Its a baby Kentia Palm - sorry plant friends I actually had to use google images to find its name!

Kentia Palm

I bought it last month from one of my favourite farm shop larders - which stocks some of the healthiest looking plants I've seen! I'm talking deep greens, strong roots and no crimpled, yellow edges. It's the plant lovers dream.

Stylish living space with house plants

I love Kenny (the palm plant) because he can sit in any room and make it feel like a much nicer space, its as if he just oozes life into it. Plus he's small and cute. He has grown so much since we got him and I hope he'll continue to grow - I'm an ex plant killer!

House plant pot

I'm a sucker for a cute pot too, I love his navy one but I adore plants in baskets.

We use plants all around our home to bring some life into it, I especially love plants in the bathroom. We have cacti, Kenny and usually stocks of eucalyptus, which btw you must do try there's nothing like the fresh smell of eucalyptus when you're having a shower!!

Karen x


Thank you so much to Karen for sharing this blog with us including these beautiful pictures of herself, Kenny and her home. If this has inspired you to bring a Kentia Palm into your life, you can purchase larger ones directly from Stupid Egg.

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