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When Life Gives You Lemons... - 🍋 Guest Blog 🍋

...grow a plant! We asked you to share your favourite houseplant and as the final guest blog in this series, Emma has shared her love for the beautiful Lemon Tree.

Read on to find out why your life is lacking this beautiful plant.


Self admittedly, I am no indoor plant expert – but I am learning. Growing up in the country I have always been used to being surrounded by lots of greenery and so now living in the city all of my lovely lush green plants bring comfort and make my city flat feel a little more like home. I have many attractive plants which all have a splendour of there own from my glossy fiddle leaf fig and Swiss cheese plant, my blue mother in laws tongue to pretty little string of hearts plants to name but a few But......My favourite plant is my little Lemon Tree.

Lemon tree
Small lemon tree

Why a lemon tree you may ask? Just like the song It’s a simple answer “Lemon Tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the poor lemon was impossible to eat.” Honestly, the first time I saw a Lemon Tree I have to say it lived up to the hype. The beauty and the fragrance that radiated was just amazing. I had always wanted one of my own. When my mum got me one for my 30th birthday I was delighted, she is just such a glorious looking little plant, from her beautiful glossy green leaves to her little bursts of white flowers in summer not to mention all of her colourful bright sunny yellow fruit. I can tell when shes happy or sad and needs a little more attention from her leaves and fruit as her leaves will look weepy and her fruit a little dull and I know she's in need of a little extra TLC (extra water and some citrus plant food). I also very almost lost her when I first got her as somewhere along the way she picked up a spider mite infestation, which is apparently common in citrus plants, and which can often be fatal but luckily I noticed it early and I treated her regularly and managed to nurse her back to life making her that little bit more special.

Aside from the fact she is so visually pleasing, there are also many practical examples of my love for the the lemon tree and that's the fruit it produces - Lemons can be used to clean and deodorise, great for aromatherapy, there are apparently lots of health benefits from eating lemon - vitamin C!, nice for a twist in a cocktail and they add brilliant flavour to lots of drinks and sweet treats. Other benefits are that indoor plants all clean air, indoor plants can absorb carbon dioxide, making our home feel more fresh and clean and another reason to be thankful for our green friends.

Lemon Tree

I love my glorious little lemon tree, she is perfect. She makes me happy with her always happy sunny looking yellow fruit, and she is someone to talk to when I'm on my own (I heard taking to plants makes them grow better and I think it's true).



Thank you so much to Emma for sharing this blog with us. If this has inspired you to bring more greenery into your home, browse our range of houseplants and planters from Stupid Egg.

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