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"Glossy Green Heart-Shaped Foliage" 💚Guest Blog 💚

What would you say is the plant of the year? We asked you to share your favourite plants with us and Emma's shared her biggest plant love which we think is probably no.1 for a lot of plant parents!

Read on to find out why the Monstera Deliciosa should be your favourite plant too...


I own a small but ever-growing collection of houseplants but the plant I keep coming back to is the Monstera Deliciosa (sometimes knows as the Swiss Cheese Plant). It was the first plant I ever purchased, from Plantology in Sheffield and I was hooked as soon as I clapped eyes on its glossy green heart-shaped foliage! At the time, my Monstera was just a baby and I have recently just watched my first split-leaf unfurl which made me so happy. I can’t tell you excited and proud I was that I, who had previously managed to kill every other plant I had ever tried to raise, now had a flourishing tribe of house plants!

Monstera Leaf

There’s just something classic about this plant and the way it feels like it brings a bit of the jungle into the room. It’s so easy to care for too, although I probably mollycoddle mine a little more than it needs as I just enjoy keeping my eye on it and will happily spend a Saturday night cleaning down its leaves.

Monstera Deliciosa

I love misting this plant first thing in the morning; it soothes my soul and I could do it all day. In a nutshell, I just love the joy that looking after my Monstera gives me and I think it’s a two way thing; I feel like it looks after me too. I would definitely recommend buying a houseplant to literally anyone, they fill our homes with lovely clean air and provides some much-needed green space for us to relax in and watch out plant-fam grow.

Swiss Cheese Plant

I am hoping to try and propagate a cutting from an older Monstera I own as I am fascinated by watching new roots form and I hope to be able to share this lovely plant with a close friend in the near future…wish me luck!

Emma Shaw


A huge thank you to Emma for sharing her love with us and letting us share these photos of her gorgeous Monstera plant! Inspired to add a Monstera Deliciosa into your home? Have a look at our houseplant shop:

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