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Winter nights and snowy days!

As the nights are drawing in it's not just us humans who need to wrap up warm. Your houseplants will notice the change in temperature and also the humidity within your home. Once the heating goes on the air dries out which can be troublesome for some more delicate plants such as Calathea's and Ferns. There is also the danger of wet roots becoming cold and damp which can encourage root rot.

Here are a few simple tips to get your plants happily through the winter months

Place a pot/bowl of water amongst your plants or on top of a radiator. This will gradually release into the air to increase the humidity. You could also invest in a humidifier but these can be a costly alternative. It is always best to read the reviews on these products prior to purchasing to ensure it will meet your needs (room size/number of plants etc).

Make sure your plants are not in a draught or near a cold window. The draught can dry out the leaves and being near a cold window does not allow the soil to dry out quickly which causes damp and encourages root rot. Some plants will enjoy a winter in a warm and humid bathroom!

Give your plant a duvet! Now this may sound

extreme but if you have delicate plants that don't like the cold this is something to consider. If your home is on the cooler side you can wrap the external plant pots in fabric or invest in plant bags as an extra layer of warmth. We have some raffia plant bags which can be used to add an extra layer.

If you mist your plant (the majority of plants are more than happy with the occasional misting!) try to do it when the plants will have a chance to absorb the water. A cold plant sitting with water on its leaves overnight can be prone to brown spots. Fungus can develop and wreak havoc with those beautiful leaves. If you feel like giving your plants some extra love you can spend time wiping down the leaves. The best options for this are distilled/cooled boiled water, specific plant leaf care mists/wipes or neem oil. Check out our new plant care products from Plantsmith.

Sleepy time! Don't forget that the majority of plants will grow more slowly or become dormant during winter. Some, such as Alocasia's and Caladium's, will stop growing and drop back to the corm if they are too affected by temperature changes. They can be stored in a dark place over winter to be replanted in the spring. Others will sit steady or produce a small amount of new growth. Plants can still benefit from the occasional feeding during winter but reduce your normal growing season schedule to account for the dormancy.

Wishing you all warm, snuggly nights surrounded by beautiful, happy plants!


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